Thanks for your interest in playing our club! Before contacting us about booking your band, PLEASE read through this list of guidelines to determine if your act is a good fit for Petra’s. It will save us both time! Then email us at

When do you usually host bands at Petra's?

Shows typically happen on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and occasionally Tuesdays. Petra’s is usually closed on Sundays and Mondays, however, we may be able to open the bar if we are extremely confident that the show will draw a large crowd – though it’s very rare.

All shows are doors at 8, show at 9. Please include this info when you are promoting your show! Load-in for bands is 6-7:30.

On Wednesdays we host Songwriter Open Mic from 8-10pm, with signups starting at 7:30. Solo performers are welcome to play up to 2 songs with a 10 minute maximum. $3 cover for artists and attendees. No bands allowed, sorry. Each open mic will have a featured songwriter who performs 9:15-9:45pm. If you are a solo performer who wants to be featured on a Wednesday night, specify that in your email.

Is my band appropriate for Petra's?

We book acts who play ORIGINAL material, with rare exceptions for tribute acts who stray from the typical cover band fodder (classic rock, top 40, etc.). Here are some genres we don’t book at Petra’s: Jam bands, cover bands, commercial pop, metal, hardcore, bands whose music videos look like GAP commercials, smooth jazz, pop country, dubstep, bands who typically only play coffee shops or breweries…

Petra’s is a 21 and over club. Sorry, no exceptions.

If you are touring as a package (2+ bands who aren’t from Charlotte), we probably can’t help you with a show. Our ideal lineups will have 3 acts, at least 2 of which are local.

What should I include in my booking email?

First and foremost, we need links to stream your music online. Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, etc. are all fine. Links to live performance videos are a plus.

Please include a BRIEF bio, date(s) needed (if you are touring), links to any press articles about your band, info about your latest release that you are promoting, etc.

Kristen Hill has written a great blog post about this topic, and it’s a great resource for artists who are unseasoned when it comes to booking.

My band was booked at Petra’s! Now what?

Thanks for playing our venue! PROMOTE your show. Be proactive and help us find local acts who will complement your sound if we haven’t already done so. Here are several ways to get the word out and bring an audience:

  • Make a flyer. I couldn’t possibly overstate the importance of an eye-catching poster. It serves many purposes beyond being informational. As the show’s date approaches and more and more people share the image online or post the link to the Facebook event page, the image will become a consistent reminder and will reinforce the show in people’s minds. **If you can’t make your own flyer, consider either asking another band on the bill for help or paying someone to do it. Nicholas Holman and Mark Baran are graphic designers from Charlotte. They have both made beautiful flyers for countless shows over the years. Follow the links to check their portfolios and contact them; their rates are reasonable.
  • Post a bunch of crap online. Try to post on social media early and frequently leading up to the show. I recommend biting the bullet and utilizing as many social media channels as possible. Post about the show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, all of it. If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily love having an online presence at all, and don’t love that the internet is basically 45% commercials from your friends promoting their side hustle, but recognize if you’re in the biz of playing music in front of people, you have to be an active presence to get the people in front of you.
  • Spread the word to your friends. Go to their shows and support them. They’ll return the favor. If you’re homebody, that’s understandable, but if you never support other local musicians it’s a lot less likely they’ll support you. I see this happen around time all too often.
  • Memorize the date of the show and familiarize yourself with the other bands on the bill. In a recent scientific study done in Charlotte, it was found that 87% of my conversations with my musician friends include us asking each other, “Hey, when’s your next show?” It really helps to be able to tell them the date and a little bit about the other bands.
  • Send information about your show to local press outlets: CLTure, Creative Loafing, Charlotte Magazine, Charlotte Observer, Cream Puff Records, WTF Charlotte, MyCity Magazine. Include information about the show, photos of your band, and that you’d greatly appreciate any coverage they can offer.
  • Post flyers around town. These days it might not be as important as spamming your friends online, but hey, it counts for something. I have seen lots of folks take notice of posted flyers, including some who took pictures of them!
  • Send physical promotional materials to: 1919 Commonwealth Ave., Charlotte, NC, 28205

My band wasn’t booked at Petra’s, where else can I try?

  • Snug Harbor
  • The Station
  • The Milestone
  • The Evening Muse
  • The Rabbit Hole
  • Sanctuary
  • Hattie's
  • The Thirsty Beaver
  • Common Market
  • Neighborhood Theater
  • The Visulite Theater
  • The Fillmore Underground

Can I rent Petra’s for a private party?

Petra’s is a music venue first and foremost. We have shows and events that are open to the public Tuesday–Saturday. However, we may be able to book your private party, wedding, corporate event or other special function on our closed days, Sunday or Monday. Email us for rates.