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Queen City Cinephiles independent film screening at Petra’s!

October 31, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Queen City Cinephiles independent film screening at Petra’s!

DATE: 10/31/2017
TIME: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
LOCATION: Petra’s Bar, 1919 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
COST: $5 for an evening of screenings or $10 for Queen City Cinephiles membership with access to all screening events in 2017

Membership is $10 for 2017(you can pay either in cash at Petra’s, Paypal https://www.paypal.me/QCCinephiles , or join our Patreon for $1/mo[Patreon supporters get extra perks like automatic entry in the monthly #CinephileStarterPack giveaways, reserved front row seating, and more!]). Lifetime QCC membership is $100!

Become a Patreon member here: https://www.patreon.com/QCCinephiles

Block 1: Halloween Fun

Title: Love Bites
Rating/Run time: 5 mins
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Film location:
Filmmaker: David Boyer
Social media:

Title: Tina’s Happy Halloween
Synopsis: Tina loves to decorate for Halloween. This is an interview with her about her passion.
Rating/Run time: 5 mins
Genre: Documentary
Film location: Asheville
Filmmaker: Julie McElmurry
Social media: twitter @franciscanist

Title: Munchies
Synopsis: Zombie Lee has an outrageous hunger that won’t be silenced by food alone. With his growing need to feed increasing, misjudgment and disaster arise in the kitchen, until a simple solution is found. And his rumbling is quenched.
Rating/Run time: 3 mins
Genre: Horror/Gore/Comedy/Stop-motion
Film location: UK
Filmmaker: Sinead Stoddard
Social media: sinead-animation.com

Block 2: Disturbing

Title: In The Park
Synopsis: In a park, a girl sends a message to her boyfriend. Something interrupts her.
Rating/Run time: 2 mins
Genre: Horror
Film location: Spain
Filmmaker: Cristina Lladosa
Social media: http://produccionescaligari.wixsite.com/caligari-prod

Title: Refuge
Synopsis: Trapped by a dark beast, Chloe finds refuge in the attic of her home. Soon, we will realize that the scariest things are those ones we refuse to see.
Rating/Run time: 5 mins
Genre: Horror
Film location: Argentina, France
Filmmaker: Paméla de Maddie’s de Bonne
Social media: Facebook.com/refugethefilm2017

Title: Tone Death
Synopsis: Christopher Price is a brilliant pianist who has many fans, except during his latest concert when he loses control of his left hand (who prefers to be known as Vincent Lee). Vincent wants the fame and glory for himself and will do whatever is necessary to steal the lime light, even if it means separating himself from the dead weight.
Rating/Run time: 4 mins
Genre: Horror/Stop-motion
Film location: UK
Filmmaker: Sinead Stoddard
Social media: sinead-animation.com

Title: Mobius
Synopsis: A troubled young man discovers that he is being followed by someone terrifyingly familiar.
Rating/Run time: 2 mins
Genre: Horror/thriller
Film location: UK
Filmmaker: Mannika Mishra

Block 3: Terror

Title: Hada
Synopsis: Tonight, Hada comes to visit Daniel because her last baby tooth has fallen out. What Daniel doesn’t expect is that his worst enemy is the light.
Rating/Run time: 9 mins
Genre: Horror/Terror/fantasy
Film location: Spain
Filmmaker: Tony Morales
Social media: Facebook.com/shortfilmhada

Title: The Night Circus
Synopsis: Two men go about their business, removing the departed from local mob hits, when business as usual suddenly becomes rather unusual.
Rating/Run time: 9 mins
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Supernatural
Film location: Denmark
Filmmaker: Eskild Krogh
Social media: eskildkrogh.com/the-night-circus

Title: Come To Me (Ven A Mí)
Synopsis: Sarah, a 10-yr-old girl walking through the forest, not expected to be prey to evil.
Rating/Run time: 9 mins
Genre: Horror/Terror
Film location: Mexico
Filmmaker: Marcos Muñoz Flores
Social media: Facebook.com/cortoVenAMi

Title: Horla
Synopsis: In the end of the 19th century, an isolated aristocrat becomes convinced that the house and grounds are haunted.
Rating/Run time: 11 mins
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Period/Fantasy
Film location: France
Filmmaker: Gabriel Galand
Social media: gabrielgaland.com

Title: The Man On The Stairs
Synopsis: The Tall Man haunts Kirk every night. What will Kirk give in exchange for a peaceful slumber?
Rating/Run time: 12 mins
Genre: Horror/Folktale
Film location: Canada
Filmmaker: Ranjani Prasad
Social media: Facebook.com/projectthemanonthestairs


October 31, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm