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Saturday, February 5th
Doors: 8pm | Show: 9pm
Tickets: $7 Advance | $10 Day Of
• 21+ with valid ID, face mask, plus proof of vaccination or 48 hr negative covid test


Pheny; short for phenomenal. Adam & A.J. coined the slang among friends and remain champions of the word.
The duo came together through mutual admiration of one another’s creative endeavors.
Pheny sees two artists out of step from their usual ways with hype, moody tracks on the harder sides of techno.
Yet they’re not racing to the “faster the better” BPM finish line so common in electronic music nowadays.
Respecting the origins of techno through hardware performance, Target Potential peaks at heights of the night while S++ 2 Receive bangs unsuspectingly to remind you it’s just getting started.

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RAMXES- (Houston, TX | Italians Do It Better)

A Dystopic Cowboy imagines a sophisticated landscape where Kraftwerk & Mr. Fingers collide in the not so distant future. Like glitching dreams from inside the mind of a video game avatar, the album is a whiplash carousel of Jan Hammer, Vangelis, John Carpenter & beyond. It’s cybernetic head music for the blurry hours before dawn.

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– Music Videos – Jungle / Crimson Lover / DESIRE-GHOSTS (Ramxes DD remix)

– Press – Sequential / NHM




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