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Show at 9pm
Tickets: $7 Advance | Show: $10 Day Of
• 21+ with valid ID


Clarity Eley

Clarity’s music is described as dream-like to the ears it reaches. Her voice, textured with colorful layers and an eclectic yet delicate quality – utilizing timeless progressions, trance like harmonies, and introspective lyrics that uncover stories of love, betrayal, heartbreak, and reflection. Clarity finds herself putting words to intangible moments, connecting listeners to the expression of raw emotion with grace.



The Bleus

An erotic swing between R&B and Jazz, The Bleus serenades their listeners with powerfully sweet melodic tones. Sweeping listeners up like the wind picks up your hair.



Tecoby Hines

The most exciting new wave of gifted MCs is from Charlotte, and riding the crest is Tecoby, With his most recent EP, 2023 “Soul Sip”. Hines solidified his place as one of his cities most insightful and articulate rappers, a lyrical acrobat as assertive as he is pensive, as introspective as he is socially conscious.