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Doors: 8pm | Show: 9pm
Tickets: $7 Advance | $10 Day Of
• 21+ with valid ID


Modern Moxie

indie pop/rock band based in Charlotte, NC


Ghosts Of The Kodiak

Formed in 2006 in a friend’s garage, Ghosts of the Kodiak has morphed and evolved along with the lives of its members, who despite living in different states—and at one point different countries—never stopped making music together. Their sound is big and angsty, marked by many failed attempts to do impossible things. Originally from a small town east of Columbia, South Carolina, the band is now based in Charlotte, NC/Brooklyn, NY. In 2023 they started releasing new music for the first time in eight years. Their new LP, “Here’s to You,” deals with loss, failure, grief, self-control, growing up, and the search for connection in a fragmented world.



Knowne Ghost

Indie rock four piece KNOWNE GHOST has a sound recognizable for its punchy yet atmospheric mood. Fronted by lead singer Cade Ratcliff, bassist Jordan Daugherty, drummer Bobby Thomas, and guitarist John Youngblood, their music ranges from gentle and shimmering, to unrestrained and droning.