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Doors: 8pm | Show: 9pm
Tickets: $10
• 21+



Formed in small town in North Carolina by 3 close friends, Swansgate was originally set up in the likeness of a jazz trio. The musical direction of Stu Draughn manifested as a series of long, mostly instrumental, compositions for keys (Stu Draughn), drums (Michael McKinney), and bass (Gabe McKinney). Over time, the original direction of the band evolved into a more symphonic approach to making music. With more and more elements being added to each composition, Swansgate decided to enlist drummer Mike Kaloudis to replace Michael McKinney, so that he could commit to playing guitar, and keyboards.


Echo Kid

Echo kid is a psychedelic rock and roll band formed in Philadelphia in the spring of 2020 by multi-instrumentalists Brendan McHale and Christian Turzo, longtime friends and collaborators and former members of Philly garage band RFA.

Blending the rich harmony of the Beatles, the hypnotic drone of the velvet underground, and the swaggering strut of the Rolling Stones, the band creates something unique—a potent distillation of 100 years of rock and roll history, equal parts modern and antique—both of the time and outside of it, “barroom rock and roll from outer space.” It’s red velvet curtain music, wood paneled music, music to dance to music to trance to, music to make you forget what it was you were about to say.