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Doors: 8pm | Show: 9pm
Tickets: $7 Advance | $10 Day Of
• 21+ with valid ID


The Eyebrows

The Eyebrows, composed of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jay Garrigan, bassist and vocalist Darrin Gray, and drummer Shawn Lynch, have cemented their place in the music scene since their formation in 2018. Born from deep-seated friendships and an almost telepathic musical connection, the trio has garnered acclaim for their electrifying blend of ’70s punk, power pop, and a hint of shoegaze, drawing comparisons to legends like Alex Chilton of Big Star and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick. Their unique sound, characterized by anthemic rockers, sleaze-rock guitars, and irresistibly catchy vocals, has captivated audiences and critics alike, earning praise from prestigious outlets such as Magnet, Glide, and No Depression.

Their third album, “DOUBLE TAKE,” presents an innovative concept where the second side reflects an entirely different recording, mix, and vibe of the songs from the first, including bonus tracks. The album’s production saw collaboration with Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium studios for the first side, delivering a sound that’s both fresh and rocktastic. The second side, recorded and mixed by Jay Garrigan in their practice space and mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering, pays homage to the live b-side cuts reminiscent of early REM, offering listeners a richly diverse auditory experience.



Flame Tides

Flame Tides, composed of baritone guitarist/vocalist Mike (Rocketman) McNeely and drummer/vocalist Hayley Moran, combines the attack of a blues-based hard-rock combo, along with the philosophical concepts and ambitious melodic reach of art rockers. Moran and McNeely are life partners and musical partners. Moran and McNeely’s modern distillation of everything good about classic rock is entwined with an accepting and holistic outlook that infuses their life outside the band. Moran is founder and owner of Haylo Healing Arts Lounge, a Plaza Midwood tattoo parlor that honors the divine feminine and approaches skin art as a creative collaboration between client and practitioner. Her and McNeely’s philosophy, a mix of the pragmatic and the mystic, informs their band moniker Flame Tides as well the title of its latest project.



Rabbit Fighter

Hailing from Greensboro, NC, Rabbit Fighter has a rock and roll heart inspired by 1970s arena rock and more recent alt/rock-influenced grooves. Their songs are socially- conscious at heart, with plenty of poetic late-night love songs in the mix that are eternal and transcend spacetime.